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Every penny spent on home is an investment. No mater how big or small the purchase is you want to get the best for your home and something that makes you feel good always. There are some things you should think when you purchase an accent chair!

1. Size and Measurements

When it comes to sofas people measure. But when it comes to accent chairs, it is much less common especially when you already have a table and you have to just update its chairs. It's always best to get the measurements where you plan to fit the new accent chairs . Make sure they check out with the space you will be putting them in.

2. Fabric

If you have a pet at home, you should always go for pet-friendly fabric. If they will be for daily use then you want chairs that have some of the most durable type of fabric.

3. Style

There are many styles you can find in the accent chairs such as side chairs, occasional chairs, wingback chairs, arm chairs, swivel chairs and so more. Each style has its own unique look.

4. Placement

If you want the accent chairs to be used at a table, you need to be selective as to make sure the chairs will fit under the table. But if you are purchasing chairs as extra seating in a living space your options are endless according to your space.

5. Usage

If you are using accent chairs everyday or at least several times a week you want something that is as comfortable and pretty. Chairs that will get a lot of usage should be tried before purchased to ensure complete comfort.

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