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In the bathroom start cleaning with your medicine cabinet. Discard expired medications, makeup and skincare products that are not required. Put everything you're keeping immediately back into the cabinet after cleaning.

Now you can move on to cabinet drawers. Do a quick evaluation of what you're keeping and what not. Same repeat to put back the items you are keeping immediately to keep space clean and organised.

You can do the same routine with your shower area.


Start with your nightstands and remove anything on them that doesn’t belong there. This may include books you’ve finished reading, broken eyeglasses, pens and paper etc.

Throw anything that you no longer use such as pens that have gone dry or chargers that no longer work.

Do the same with the tops of your dressers and chests.

Go through drawer by drawer. Take everything out. Pull out anything that is no longer use and set the remaining back.

If you keep a desk or vanity table in your bedroom now is its turn.


The easiest way to declutter a closet is to first declutter your clothing by type. Sort differently shoes, dresses, denim, etc.

It becomes much easier to decide to keep or not any item segregated. So start pulling out different types of clothing and decide what you'll discard and keep.


You may have a foyer or an entryway. No matter how small or big, the best way to make an entryway most functional is to declutter it regularly.

Start with any desk, console or side tables you have in your entry. Go through each drawer, removing the contents and make a quick decision to discard or keep each item. Make sure everything is accessible and not too crowded. This will make it easier to leave the house with what you need each morning.


Keeping your kitchen clutter-free can be a challenge because so many different activities occur there—cooking, eating, and socializing. As a result the kitchen has many different types of items stored in it. You can choose to declutter your kitchen by focusing one category of item at a time.

Firstly you can completely empty each space, assess items and put everything back.

Finally you can check your countertops. Move as many items as possible off into storage spaces. Keep only what you use every single day.


The living room can be one of the hardest rooms in your home to keep neat on a daily basis. That's because it gets a lot of use and living rooms don't usually offer a lot of storage features. You may have some bookcases and a TV console but they don’t hide much. The idea to that is to decide on permanent storage spaces for commonly used items such as remote controls, magazines, and books and declutter this space regularly.

You can start with bookcases, console and side tables. Empty them, assess the items they store and then return them to their proper storage spaces.

Now move onto electronics. Remove everything that is not connected to your television or home theater system. Store items like chargers, gadgets and gaming equipment where you use them. 

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