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1. Use Chalk Paint

As you know that chalk paint is different from any other kind of paint and also that it might just make your life easier.

The paint is thick, which means it goes a long way and it also dries quickly.

2. Spray Paint Your Furniture

Spray Paint is a simple way to add color to a piece of wood furniture. It is an easy way to cover wood with color without too much mess.

3. Stencilling on the furniture

Once you have your furniture painted one way to add a little extra flair is to use stenciling. By doing stencilling over your wooden furniture you can convert them into an elegant accents.

Find a suitable stencil at a craft store and then apply the paint color of your choice to the surface using a foam paint roller. Have painter’s tape on hand to keep the stencil in place. It will make life easier and ensure your design comes out clean and even.

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