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Update your old Chester yourself in a Day!

Need to update your Chester at affordable cost? Here we suggest you to add that certain something to flourish it yourself!

Double the value of your basic furniture in just a day. Hopefully they inspire you to recreate what you certainly like.

1) Put new handles on it 

Just paint a bright white color on your Chester so it looks clean and fresh. To add a extra bit of luxury just change the handles or knobs as that can give the Chester a totally different look. The brass handles are the perfect way to create fruition in your room. You can also spray paint the legs of the Chester in a gold finish for a super cohesive look. 

2) Use your imagination 

Your Chester can be the perfect canvas for artwork or creating an inventive scheme.

You can paint a graphic, a texture or any image of your imagination on your Chester.

3) Go organic 

Giving the look of a natural finish to your Chester can work wonders. This could be done by staining the existing wood, cladding or even just using a wood effect vinyl.

This is a super simple way to make your Chester match existing wood finishes within your room scheme. 

4) Perfect panelling 

Attach panelling to the front of your Chester and then paint in the main Chester is a super simple way to get that designer look.

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