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Bright and Cheerful colors are not childish. With the right planning and consideration, decorating with bright colors can create a significant impact that you won’t get bored of.

1) Decorate with bright Accessories in a Neutral Space If you prefer neutral interiors and furniture, you can pair these with some bright accessories to add splash to your space. Gray or beige walls and furniture provide a solid backdrop for colorful curtains, rugs, pillows etc. With a neutral backdrop, these bright accessories can easily move around and give life to your space.

2) Use white with a Pop of Color Instead of choosing a neutral palette, having a completely white decor with small hints of color can have a lot of impact. For an idea: A bedroom could feature white walls and light furniture with bright pillows, side table or lights. On the other hand, A bathroom could have bright fixtures or a mirror frame. Using an all-white backdrop instead of a combination of other neutral shades helps to make bright shades and hues pop.

3) Choose a Focal Point A bright sofa in a neutral room can be a great pop of color. Some added accessories also in a similar color can tie the room together beautifully.

4) Unexpected Spots If you want to be creative with the use of bright color in your design, try experimenting with putting color in some unexpected spots. For instance: A white bookshelf with a bright colored painted shelves adds to a detail. OR a Cupboards can reveal red color when they’re opened, can give a surprise in a simple design.

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