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Tips To Transform Your Furniture For Christmas Eve

The season of celebration, family gathering and holiday parties have begun. It’s Christmas time where you get immense bliss in decorating your home for a Christmas eve party. Everyone likes to have their home decoration upgraded to the next level in the white and red color theme. The living room and dining space are the two spots where you entertain guests, and it has to look exceptional.

Apart from the Christmas tree glowing in the corner and stockings hung around the walls, there are some techniques you can practice to transform your furniture. You might have bought it from the best furniture store in Kirti Nagar, but a touch of décor items can transform them exceptionally. Here are a few suggestions to remodel your current furniture for the upcoming celebration.

Start with Your Plush Sofas:

Irrespective of the design and color of the sofa you own, it should emit the color of Christmas on the party night. One of the simplest ways is to wrap them with a sofa cover of a Christmas theme. Choose a combination of red and white sofa covers. Change the entire cushion or only the cushion cover having Santa Claus or reindeer print.

Couch for Christmas:

The throw pillow and light blankets of Christmas colors will create magic. Just place them on your couch and see the dramatic change. Christmas colors mean using the best combination of red and white. Do not use only red or only white colors. A mixture of both colors will enhance your couch and look inviting for guests.

Switch to Coffee/Centre/Dining Table:

The coffee table or the center table is directly proportional to festival aesthetics. Check your sofa color and buy a table cover or table cloth of the same color. Apart from table covers, it is best to use white crockery (cup and plates) to serve tea/coffee. Serve cupcakes on the table with proper ethics. Candle and ribbon decoration will elevate the party mood.

Try Rearranging your Furniture:

Though decoration is the primary objective, space management is also mandatory. You should have appropriate space for the festive gathering. The best way to create space is to rearrange your furniture that make the room look spacious. More space will give you more ideas to decorate your living area and dining space.

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