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Below are some tips on how do you continue to live in your house that is under construction:

1. Set up space: You’ll need space for kitchen where you can cook, use bathroom, sleep and work. In houses under construction minimum you need a place to wash pots, ovens, outdoor grills, coffee makers and utility sinks that makes your work more simpler. Having a sink in your laundry room or an extra bathroom are also a great options.

2. Protect space from dust: Protect the space from dust as much as possible. There’s no way that your living space while under construction will be completely unaffected by renovation, but a barrier between the workspace and your living space will help. You can seal any ducts or vents in the area and keep your workspaces clean by vacuuming regularly.

3. Protect your kids: Make sure to talk to the architect and labour beforehand about safety is a priority as your children will be living in the home. It is up to you how much you take care of your kids by keeping them germ free. If kids can understand make them understand the consequences of facing dust.

4. Remove any extra items. Not only it will protect your items from being damaged or ruined during renovation but also it will give you more room in your temporary living space. Put out-of-season clothing or any extra items not to be used for time being in bins or bags and store them far away from the construction area. Pack up decorative items, photographs, art and books so you have even less to clean when your project is finished.

5. Move.If you or your family are facing problems during construction its best to move either to a rented space or a well-planned short holiday in a clean space that isn’t under construction. A week or two may be just enough of a reprieve to get your family through the rest of the project.

You should be prepared to be flexible and be patient if you are living under the same roof of the construction site.

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