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If you have an empty entryway or a blank spot in your hallway that is just itching for something new, a console table can fit in perfectly. Once you have added the console table, do you know how to style it to make it look designer and stylish?

You don’t have to spend a lot of money just to get the designer look.

The following décor tips can help you put together an area that fits the overall design scheme.

1. Add a Focal Point

No matter what the size of your console table is, you need something to draw the attention. There is a wide range of options for the same:

  • Mirrors

  • Artwork

  • Clocks

  • Artificial Flowers

Something oversized adds drama to the space but make sure that it is not wider than the table. There should be at least a couple of inches on each side. When styling above the table you can also use an odd number of similar items to get the same look and feel of one large piece.

2. Layer and Stack Accessories

The most exciting part of styling a console table is adding accessories. It is easy to get carried away and add too many things. Choosing what you want to use can help create a layered look. Use stacked books, baskets or boxes as it helps you build a base on which to build. You can either create a linear look with the stacks lined up vertically or horizontally. Bowls and greenery can soften the look, pulling things together.

3. Create Height

Console tables are typically long and low but you can add height with a few things. You can use candlesticks, vases, sculptures or a lamp on top to bring the eye upward as the artwork or focal piece above the furniture does. You can play using symmetrical or asymmetrical setup but remember to focus on balance.

4. Fill It In

Once you have the basic structures in place you are ready to fill in the gaps. Items with great personal value work well. Small figurines or collections of intricate items add personality and interest to your space.

Buying a new console table is not only a great way to fill in an empty space but it’s also an opportunity to create a personalised design that makes you happy every time you walk by.

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