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Sofa Bed 

Some of our sofa models can be used as comfortable beds if need be. Triple folding bedspring is available for the sofa bed.

Triple Folding Bedspring 

The following operations have to be performed to open up the triple folding bedsprings:

• Remove the seat cushions. If a leather strip covers the upper edge of the bedspring, this strip must be folded forward to protect the sofa covering.

• Raise the bedspring by gripping the central handle and pulling outwards. Grip the first supporting bar at the center of the bar, raise and accompany the bar until it touches the floor.

• Repeat the operation for the second supporting bar.

• The bed is closed by repeating the same operations in reverse order. Re-position the leather strip after the operations to close the bedspring have been completed, if there is a leather strip.

General Care

• Before using our products that incorporate a mechanism, it is necessary to cut the safety tab that restrains the mechanism.

• Remove the polystyrene insert which prevents oscillations of the bedspring during transportation.

• Do not use solvents to clean the metal parts: a dry cloth is sufficient.

• Do not allow children to play with the mechanism.

• Remove the bed sheets and blankets before closing the bedspring.

• Avoid sitting on the edge at the foot of the bedspring.

• Do not sit or stand on the head of the bedspring.

Models with Removable Coverings

Sofas with removable coverings are designed to enable the covering to be removed easily for washing. And the model with a removable covering may have different stitching, heights, and particulars compared to the same model that has a fixed covering.


Dry cleaning

Our fabrics can be dry cleaned, this operation foresees cleaning using organic solvents and ensures the same efficiency as washing in water. The process includes cleaning, rinsing and drying.

After washing it is essential to iron the covering by following the ironing instructions detailed on the label.

Washing in water

Washing in water is an operation which foresees cleaning the covering using water. The process includes cleaning, rinsing and drying. After washing it is essential to iron the CNG by following the ironing instructions detailed on the label. When washing in water it is necessary to pay attention to the maximum temperature, as detailed on the sofa label.


Sectional models

This product line enables your sofa to be freely composed according to every personal space requirement.


Raise and separate the left-side component until it is completely free.

General Care

• Do not lift and move the sofa while it is still connected.

• The dowels have to be fitted on the right-side component in several versions: in these cases follow the instructions detailed in the illustrating leaflet attached to the sofa.

• Each individual piece making up a complete version is covered on the matching sidepieces facing the cover and not with the relative finish covering.

• When fixed and reclining versions have combined a misalignment of approximately three centimeters will be noted in the rear/lower part of the sectional sofa due to technical design reasons.

Safety Use

1) The sofa shall be placed on the flat surface and it is better to put some pad under the soft underlay, soft armrest and soft backrest by force while moving the sofa. Otherwise, the sutures on the sofa may be broken. The right way is that: hold the sofa on the bottom by hands, uplift and move it.

2) To avoid extrusion and friction between the sofa and the wall, it is better to place the sofa about 5-10cm from the wall.

3) Please keep the room in good ventilation, which can be helpful for elimination the smell on the new-bought sofa. If it is not in use immediately, please dismantle the package and keep it in dry to prevent mildewing.

4) Before use please clean up the dust on the surface of the sofa with a clean cloth, and keep it in clean condition.

5) Please cut off the unnecessary thrums.

6) Please do not spring on the sofa to avoid distortion which may affect the use of the sofa.

7) Keep sharp knives or utensils off the surface of the sofa.

8) Keep the sofa free from destruction by animals.

9) Keep the sofa off caustic chemical liquids or low-quality cleanser to avoid damages like depigment or crazing.

10) Don’t seat on the armrests or backrest because it may cause destruction to the frame of the sofa.

11) To avoid stiffening, chap or depigment of the leather, please place the sofa at least more than 40cm far from the heating sources (or cold sources).

12) Please keep the direct impact of sunshine off the sofa to avoid depigment or decoloration.


Color Difference

Color difference may occur between the sofa sample seen at the time of purchase and the actual delivered one. Owing to dye technology of natural leather, no guarantee of absolute uniformity on color can be given.

Formation of folds, ripples, and hollows

The hardness of the seat becomes softer with using time, which is a normal process for any type of upholstery. For equal hardness, it is important to change the seating position from time to time. Otherwise, the folds and hollows may occur on one side. It is also recommended to always flap the seated parts and edges to restore their initial looking after longtime seating.

Another phenomenon of ripples also could be formed because the leather stretch to a lesser or greater degree with body weight. All these changes in appearance will not affect the use, function and product line, and does not constitute a material defect.

Non-colorfast clothing

In the case of light color covering, discoloration may be caused by non-colorfast clothing, like dark denim.

And color transferred from dark color leather to clothing is also possible. This is the nature of dyed leathers, but not a product defect, and will not be accepted as a claim.

Light resistance

The discoloration of material from the effects of light cannot be prevented with upholstery covers. The sun and power light may alter all materials.

Therefore, when the sun is shining, curtains or blinds should be drawn, especially in a large room with much light and glass, as direct sunlight can change the color of the leather cover.

Differences in seating hardness

The seating comfort with the same model may vary.

Industrial manufacturing methods can result in varying seating hardness in different units of the same model, caused by the design and shape (components).


The content offered in this manual is only a kind of service does not form any quality promise or allude to any other point. Only the quality promise in the quality warranty that you received when you purchase could come into force.

The instructions offered in this manual are developed by our professionals. Because the pollution and damage of the furniture in the course of use could be caused by various kinds of ways, there are no completely successful assurance. Specific cases may be different to some extent.

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