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Since many years people use carpets to decorate their homes. The range of carpets is so great that it is able to satisfy the buyer not only with any size, but also with a various stylistic, color and texture preferences.

Carpeted rooms for a different purpose


One of the first decisions of the carpet for the bedroom, is a light one, which will not only create a warm and cozy atmosphere of the room to sleep and rest, but also perfectly fades the sounds of steps, creates sufficient sound insulation.

The carpet of lighter shade or a diagonal pattern can visually expand the space of the bedroom. Generally, the bedrooms have carpeting in the sleeping area in order to bare feet stepped on a warm and pleasant mat when getting out of bed.

Conversely, one-color carpet is recommended in rooms with printed wall finishing. For example, if the pattern on the wallpaper is quite active, bright, so the light plain carpet will be more than appropriate.

Children’s room

Bright carpet with geometric patterns or images of cartoon characters are perfect for a child’s room. Children’s requires more often cleaning, and it is difficult to handle with a long nap rugs.

When choosing a carpet for a child’s room, it is important to take into account not only the performance characteristics and aesthetic side of the issue, but also to make sure that the product has been made with absolutely safe dyes.

Carpet with bright squares of different color and texture looks not only cheerfully and optimistically in the nursery, but also creates an additional basis for inventing of new games.

Rugs & carpets in Living room

There are practically no restrictions in the choice of carpeting for the living room. The most important thing in terms of style, color and texture – the carpet should be combined with the rest of the design space.

For the living room, which among other things accommodates kitchen and dining room, the carpet can become an element outlining the boundaries of a functional segment. In the living room in soft natural colors, light carpet can be very well integrated, creating necessary for common room warm and cozy atmosphere.

Dark carpets are in need of more thorough and frequent cleaning, because even the smallest debris is visible on such a surface.

The shape, size and design of carpets

Small rugs can bring variation to any room, they can be placed near the chair, bed, in front of a sofa or between pieces of furniture. A carpet of medium size will look naturally in small spaces, bringing warmth and comfort, uniqueness and charm.

Bright carpets of small size are able to transform the interior, to bring not only the variety of colors to it, but also to raise the overall level of design mastery in the space.

Round shaped carpet not only warms floors but rather acts as a decorative object. Circles perfectly highlight one or another segment, with rest of interior elements.

In addition to differences in shape and colors, carpets vary in length and density.

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