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Paint an Accent Wall to revitalize any room!!

Painting an accent wall is an easy and inexpensive way to revitalize any room in your home. By painting a single wall you can add a pop of color and enjoy a dramatic effect.

Here are some points to review the following tips on the best way to paint an accent wall.

1) Choose the right color

There are two ways to go in with color. You can stay within the same color family and choose a hue that is a few shades darker than the other walls in the room or you can select a complementary color from the opposite point on the color wheel like green and red, yellow and violet etc. Bring home a paint sample to make sure the color looks right in your room's lighting before investing in a whole.

2) Consider the effect of some colors

Cool colors such as blue and green give the impression that a wall is farther away, which helps make the room feel larger. Warm colors like red and yellow tend to make a wall feel closer and the room smaller. Use these principles to help give your interior space more balance.

3) Identify the feature in your Room that you want to highlight

When one wall is a different color from the rest it itself becomes a natural focal point that will attract the attention of anyone walking into the room. Use this to highlight original artwork, a built-in fireplace, your amazing dining room furniture or any other special feature that is worthy of extra attention.

If you keep these points in mind when selecting the best location and color for your accent wall you won't go wrong.

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