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Mix Different Furniture Styles in Home!

Most of us have a few pieces we absolutely adore. It is natural to avoid choosing new pieces to replace those ones we have outgrown. For those who are accustomed to matching sets of furniture in every room it can be quite intimidating to consider looking for new pieces. The world of interiors has increasingly embraced the mixing of styles. There are a few tricks to ensure that blending things together beautifully can create a personal style.

1) Create a Theme

There are several ways to create a theme. One way to do that is with color. By choosing a single neutral shade such as white, beige or grey as the foundation of the theme it is possible to bring different pieces together visually. Statement pieces in a bold accent color or pattern can be brought in. The same accent color can then be used throughout the room to tie the separate components together.

2) Play Matchmaker

An important part of mixing styles successfully is to make sure no single piece is all alone. Every component should be stylistically similar in some way to at least one other item. This can be the finish of the exposed wood, the color or the style. As long as every element in the room is paired with another, the overall effect will be visually united.

3) Combine Old with New

One of the challenges you can face is in incorporating antiques in a way that feels fresh and authentic for their own personal style. Choose only those pieces that have sentimental meaning or that are stylistically pleasing in their own right.

When pairing items in a room consider putting something old and something new together to maintain a balance that will feel timeless. If you have an antique chair it can be reupholstered and placed next to a newer side table. Mix and match the pieces that make you feel great and you will be amazed at how well they go together.

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