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Match your furniture to the Wall Paint!

Best Furniture and Paint Color Combinations

When you choose your paint color always keep in mind that different colors are associated with different psychological benefits. For e.g.: Picking blue will help you relax and lower your tension levels instantly due to its cool appearance. A red may excite you more and elevate your heart rate. Knowing your personality and the preferences of your family will help you determine which of these colors work best for you.

You can consider various colors for instance.

1) Blue Paint: Goes best with Gold, Off-White, Mustard & Green Furniture

Find a range of blues to complement your brightly colored or off-white furniture. These colors blend well together. The furniture colors will catch your eye as the blue moves into the background. If you have your favourite furniture piece with a story behind it, like a couch or an accent chair, then blue makes an outstanding, passive background that allows the furniture to stand out.

2) Green Paint: Goes best with Gray, Brown, Pink and Red Furniture

Green is a color that soothes the eyes. It promotes relaxation and peace. It also blends well behind aggressive colors such as red and pink. We don’t have multiple pieces in those colors but even a small accent piece in red or pink can look out of place with another color on the wall. The green color also makes an ideal choice for bedrooms, where it can slow you down and calm you before bedtime.

3. Gray Paint: Goes best with Vivid Colors and Off-White

Gray is a neutral color, which means it will fit with just about any color of furniture. Bold reds, browns and whites of any shade blend perfectly with gray. Gray is good for rooms with bright furniture colors as an excellent contrast.

4. Orange Paint: Goes best with Turquoise Furniture

If you like bright colors, then orange walls may be your best bet. They nicely highlight bold shades such as turquoise, giving them a strong palette. White furniture can also work in a room painted orange. Orange color can make people feel passionate, so keep your conversations in this room.

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