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Make Your Home ready for this Monsoon Season!

Before you welcome the Monsoon season take protective measures to protect your home and its décor from the monsoon. The rain feels like magic in the monsoon but it can also mess up your home if not taken measures carefully before hand.

Here are a few tips to help you enjoy monsoons carefree.

1) Check your Walls & Windows

Check for any cracks in the walls. Check every little detail of your ceiling before the rains. Water can easily seep through the ceiling and ruin your furniture. You can use white cement and seal any cracks in the walls and ceilings to avoid damaging your home interiors. Water can also sometimes enter through your windows even though they are shut. If this happens you can insulate the windows with a rubber lining to stop the rain coming in.

2) Avoid Water coming on the Floor

If you have Wooden flooring, it needs extra care during monsoons due to high moisture levels in the atmosphere. You can wipe the floor with a dry cloth and spread silica gel across the floor to avoid any swelling in the wood. Camphor balls are excellent moisture absorbers. Carpets and rugs are also important aspects of interior décor. Replace them with quick-drying mats to avoid ruining them.

3) Check Electrical Fittings

Water is an excellent conductor of electricity and any wiring exposed to rain can prove to be fatal. To prevent short-circuiting during monsoons cover the Unattended wires and uninsulated cords. Wear rubber slippers while operating electrical switches as a precaution.

4) Beware of Bugs

During the monsoons wooden furniture not only has to deal with changes in temperature and humidity but also with various pests. Termites may come inside and effect your wooden furniture. Installing a mesh around your windows can also keep the bugs coming in.

Monsoons can be harsh on your interiors. Make sure your wooden furniture is at least six inches away from walls to prevent any damage.

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