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While designing a space, there is some element that should always be there, accessories.

Without accessories, your spaces will be left looking and feeling incredibly unloved.

Importance of Accessories

  • They make your spaces come alive as they add texture, colour, pattern and form.

  • Accessories aren’t just eye candy – objects can be functional in their forms such as vases, books, and bowls.

  • Accessories pull your design scheme together.

The Do’s

  1. Always budget for accessories when pulling together a design scheme. If you budget from the outset, you will ensure that you won’t end up spending all your hard earnt cash on furniture and decorating leaving a bland boring space.

2. Tell Your Own Story – Go through what you already own, and see what works with your new scheme. Adding family photographs, and your interests shows who you are as a person. Having things you love around you will ensure you’ll enjoy your homes more.

3. Choose accessories that not only reflect your spaces but also your style and taste. By doing so, you’ll be making your home unique and individual to you.

Bring Your Room Alive – Add Texture

Adding accessories such as throws, cushions, and flowers add texture and interest. This fascinating room uses accessories to visually lift this dark space.

Grouping Small Accessories For Greater Impact

Large objects aside, grouping accessories together offers greater visual impact. A good tip to remember is that smaller items will be lost if spread out in a room.

Mix Scale & Form

Varying the scale of your accessories, as well as taking into consideration their form will provide impact and visual interest. The plant adds texture, life and colour to this beautifully styled space.

Think Outside The Box

The beautiful mirrors are a great alternative to an art gallery wall. Providing impact, interest and detail to the space with the reflective surfaces.

Enhance The Architecture

Scale and proportion are all important when adding accessories to any space. Accessories should work with your rooms and enhance them. If you have a room with high ceilings, go add that tall plant and show off the height of the room.

Complement Your Decor

Chose accessories that compliment your decor. Visually blend in with their surroundings, creating a soft easy on the eye effect to a space

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