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Natural leather is a noble resistant material, treasured throughout the ages. It offers ideal comfort in hot and cold climates, due to its excellent breathing-quality. Its unique elastic properties, in addition to moulding perfectly to the body’s shape, gives a pleasant, enveloping sensation comfort. Characteristic only of real leather, each hide has its own history that may be read through the natural surface marking, scars, wrinkles, insect bites, veining, graining and color variations. For this reason, our craftsmen check the hides one by one and apply different processes to each, so as to individually highlight their natural characteristics to suit to varying sofa designs which satisfy with your every lifestyle.

If you bought a leather sofa, please pay more to the following directions:


Leathers are strong dirt-absorbent; pay more attention to dirt prevention.

Avoid sitting directly on the sofa with sweat and dirt.

Periodically dust your sofa with a clean, dry, soft cloth.

Cleaning of Natural Leathers For dried soiling:

Gently brush with a soft brush or gentle clean with a vacuum cleaner.

For stains from soft drinks, coffee, tea, milk:

Remove the excess liquid from the surface by wiping with a cloth or absorbent paper. With a clean cloth, socked in a mild solution of water and neutral soap, gently rub the stain from the outside inwards. Do not sack the leather surface, and dry immediately with a clean cloth. Do not dry the leather in sunlight or by using a hairdryer. Use only water and neutral soap.

For stains from greasy substances (oil, tomato ketchup, egg, chocolate):

Gently remove the excess substance from the surface with absorbent paper, taking care not to press, so as to avoid the obstacle becoming ingrained in the leather’s pores. With a clean cloth, soaked in a mild neutral soap solution, gently rub the stain from the outside inwards. Dry immediately with a clean cloth. Use only water and neutral soap.

Cleaning of Nubuck Leathers:

These leathers may be cleaned by following the same procedure for natural leathers (see above). After cleaning and drying the leather, to recreate the Nubuck effect rub very gently with a fine abrasive paper.


The use of non-recommended cleaners could irreparably damage the leather, causing discolouring and rifting.

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