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There’s really no one-size-fits-all when it comes to sofas. From classic to the modern sectionals or the cosy love seat, these styles can become too many to get your head round and confusing to choose from. That is why we have put together some top designs that make it easier for you to pick your favourite. Go ahead and see which of these sofa types strike you from your home and pick that from us at our Store ARTERIO.

1. U-shaped sectional

A modern U-shaped sectional sofa to deliver a luxurious seating experience, when there is a gathering at your place, have a great seating.

2. Back Forwarder

The most comfoertable sofa when you can adjust the backof the sofa up the comfort quotient.

3. Lounger sofa

This timeless lounge sofa features retractable back rests for different comfort positions. Finished with leather upholstery, it seems like the ultimate lounger sofa.

4. Curved sofa

A semi-circular or curved sectional sofas softens the ambience of the living room and is a refreshing break from linear shapes. The ends of the sofa do not have any back support or armrest, giving it a chaise-like feel.

5.Low backs 

Like the rest of the space, this low-back sofa helps keep views connected and conversations flowing. The neutral flooring and natural light let the vibrant upholstery shine and own the room.

6.High Back

The high-back sofa helps keep back straight and sit with the comfort you want.

7.L-shaped with recliner

Upholstered L-shaped sectional sofa with attached recliner converts the living space into a super-comfortable lounge.

8.Comfy Function

The laid-back no-armrest style comfortable sofa sets up a cool contemporary lounging space. Just sink into it!

9.Modern modular

Modular sofa arrangements such as these stand out as multifunctional pieces of decor. One can group them to serve as a long sofa or separate them for smaller seating arrangements.

10.Fabric Sofa

To have a break from leather sofas this is a type to suit your choices. Pick a sofa piece from the best and fine quality fabric available in multiple colours and designs.

11.Love seat

When there’s just two of you, the intimate love seat sofa is a clear winner. Quaint and modern. when you want to spend some cozy moments between two of you.

12.Sofa Bed

When there is a need to place a piece where there is less place, this style suits the best. Just convert your sofa into your bed and have a quiet good time.

13. The corner sofa

Upholstered corner sofa is the perfect spot to read quietly, or enjoy a conversation over a cup of tea.

14.Recliner sofa

This dreamy sofa features a patented soft back and comes with a recliner option. With the press of a button it slides forward so you can put your feet up.

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