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What is rug pile and how it can affect the look and feel of your rug in house.

What is the best height of rug pile?

As higher piles have become more popular many of the rugs have adapted to match contemporary tastes. Low pile rugs are sturdier and long lasting than high pile. But a fine high pile rug will give you good years of longevity.

High pile rug

High pile rugs are characterized by soft look and feel. They are elegant in appearance. They’re mostly in single color.

Where to use of a high pile rug:

1) At a low traffic area such as a master bedroom, guest bedroom or living room.

2) Under furniture to provide contrast.

3) To bring warmth and texture to a room.

4) As an additional rug on top of a large low pile rug or carpet.

Disadvantages of high pile rugs:

1) They can be crushed, dented or marked by furniture.

2) If you have to vacuum you should be careful as that can catch and pull the piling.

3) Dust and dirt may dig into the rug.

Low pile rug

Just because low pile area rugs are flat and dense, that doesn’t mean they can’t be soft. While many people choose low pile rugs for durability. The variety of shapes, patterns and colors offer you plenty to choose from.

Choose a low pile rug:

1) For high traffic areas like dining rooms and children’s bedrooms.

2) To have more even flooring and reduce impact from furniture.

3) For bolder choices in patterns and colors.

4) To reduce the risk of tripping on the rug.

5) Can be used as an indoor/outdoor rug.

Disadvantages of low pile rugs: 1) Some low pile rugs can feel flat and coarse.

2) They don’t offer the elegance and luxurious feel of high pile rugs.

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