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Incorporate Wallpaper Creatively in Your Décor anywhere..

Nothing can change completely a boring room but an interesting wallpaper design, color or texture. Use wallpaper in some interesting alternative ways. Try these décor tips to ease you into the wonderful world of wall coverings.

1. Make a Feature Wall

Pick one wall in your room to make it a statement. If the wall doesn’t get much natural light, choose a light color or a reflective paper to lighten it up. To make a bold statement try a bright color or interesting print and use pillows or rugs to brings colors from it into the room.

2. Use it on Door Panels

Take a cabinet or door. Pick out a print that complements the paint or colors in the room. If you want to reflect the origins of the piece, look for antique designs and colors.

3. Use as a Art Piece

For a low cost and easy way to use wallpaper in your décor, use remnants and put them in interesting frames. Choose a variety of patterns or textures that complement each other and hang in a grouping for a unique art display.

4. Make Room Dividers

If you have a large space like a loft, consider making your own custom room divider. Cover with solid or print wall covering and hang from the ceiling.

5. Use on the Ceilings

You can make quite a statement by decorating the ceiling in a room. Choose a beautiful chandelier or light fixture to illuminate it. To draw the eyes upward, try a coordinating vertical stripe on the walls.

6. Use in the Shelves

If you have a bookcase or shelves in a room put wallpaper on the back of the shelf for a pop of color. Use multiple bright colors or coordinate color and pattern for interest.

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