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Ideas to Refurbish Your Dining Room

We have seen some changes in trends of the dining rooms over the years. It has always been one of the most important rooms in a house and in the past decade or so has seen an explosion in modernity.

Dining room trends are constantly changing today as-well. From traditional dining rooms to now one of the most customisable and flexible rooms in the house for design. These are always changing and provide a great opportunity in your home for experimenting with new design.

1) Make Way for Natural Light Dining rooms often have dim lighting and dark furniture to have a formal feeling.

A modern dining room should use natural light to its full potential. Big windows let natural light in are ideal for a modern dining room.Using bright lightbulbs in lighting fixtures that mimic natural light can help make your dining room appear brighter and more natural. Using mirrors can also help to take advantage of any natural light that comes in.

2) Place Large Art Pieces A dining room trend is to have a feature wall with a large art piece on it. Instead of painting a wall in an accent colour, find a piece of art you love that takes up a lot of space. This can also help you choose colours and decor as you can pick a shades from the art and use them in your dining room. This can help to include bright colours and will be very modern.

3) Use Right Colour Earlier dining rooms were full of mahogany, dark wood, dark carpets and deep shades on the walls. Using white and colourful upholstery, furniture and decor makes a modern dining room.

4) Put Large Lighting Fixtures The large chandelier in dining room earlier were ornate, beautiful and extremely old fashioned. While crystal chandeliers are definitely luxurious and can be modern. Most dining room trends are shifting to two or three large lighting fixtures over the table.

Low hanging lamps and circular lights arrangements are examples of popular lighting fixtures for modern dining rooms. Using unique fixtures not just chandeliers, can help create a focal point for your table arrangement and settings.

5) Try to Place Mismatched Chairs Mismatched dining chairs is a furniture trend that is in trend. While having a uniform dining set is appropriate in many homes or restaurants but mixing up chairs and having some unique pieces can tell a fantastic story about your home and your design.

Using chairs with different upholstery creates a design and when done properly has a feeling of planning and care. You can even mix metal and wooden frames if you're feeling bold but this may take some arranging to get right!

6) Place Benches Many kitchens and dining rooms with large tables are using benches instead of dining chairs as seating. A long bench, creates a feeling of togetherness and takes away some of the formalities of a traditional dining room.

If you have a large family or host dinners regularly, a bench can make for easy seating and can even be repurposed as an entryway bench or seating in a living room when you're not using it in the dining room.

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