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Ideas on how to design the Space Above Your Bed!

Here are some inspiring bedroom wall decor ideas that are stylish, budget-friendly and easy to pull off. Also there are some quick tips for how to make wall art work in your space.

1. Hang A Statement Mirror

In bedroom wall decor ideas hanging an oversized mirror above your bed is guaranteed to add major bold appeal. It creates a dazzling focal point and reflects light also your space feels larger and airier.

2. Display Your Collections

The wall area above your bed is the perfect spot for hanging art and a shelf that showcases your favorite objects like photographs. If you’re looking to bring this look at home, make sure to choose a streamlined shelving piece and keep to neutral art and warm wood tones that are in line with the modern look.

3. Get Bold With Color

Paint your walls with bold color to stand in as your main visual focus. Use negative space and captivating wall color to add impact and create a backdrop that lets your furniture pieces shine. The monochromatic blue walls give the room a bold and clean look.

Consider bold yet soothing wall colors such as shades of green or neutrals and pull in furnishings with strong lines that contrast with your walls.

4. Use a Decorative Headboard

Opt for a large intricately designed headboard. It’s one of the most functional decor ideas for any bedrooms that have high ceilings and not that many wide empty walls for art. It’s also perfect if you want to make a statement without relying on tons of art and wall decor that could look visually cluttered in narrow wall spaces. There are endless options, from carved styles to ones upholstered with bright global patterns.

5. Build Up Bedside Art Moments

Instead of going for big moments above your bed or painting your walls turn your bedside tables into artful displays. Try hanging abstract art on both sides of your bed to create a symmetrical look and install matching wall lights to add further balance. Sconces can also relieve you from needing table lamps if you want more space on your nightstand to display art or use it to hold books, your phone, jewellery and other small objects.

6. Set a Backdrop

Wallpaper is the most statement-making approach to wall art in the bedroom. It’s also one of those bedroom wall decor ideas that never goes out of style. Wallpaper is as a dramatic focal point in a small bedroom. The key to making wallpaper work is lean into its style roots by going for a more eclectic and glam look with your furnishings. Finish it all off with plants and greenery that tie back to your nature-themed wallpaper.

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