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How to Protect Wooden Furniture

Find the best solutions to care for your wooden furniture so it will last for years to come. Here we will discuss how to protect your wooden furniture.

1: Dust Regularly

Dust is though harmless but when it comes to wooden furniture, regular dusting is important. Dust buildup can quickly lead to scratches in the wood finish. The best way to dust wood furniture is with a microfiber cloth. You can also use a slightly damp cloth to get it done. Its best to stay away from getting it done from outside by dust polishes as they contain silicones that can slowly soak into the grain of the wood causing permanent damage to your wooden furniture.

2: Use Dish Soap to clean the Spots

The best way to clean wood tables is with a microfiber cloth and a cleaning solution made of warm water and a few drops of dish soap. First test a small area, you can then apply the solution to the area you need to spot clean or the entire furniture piece. Because moisture can easily damage wood, make sure that you dry the table thoroughly after washing.

3: Keep Your Table Away from the Radiator

Make sure to keep your wooden furniture away from radiators, heat registers and fireplaces, because high heat and temperature swings can cause warping and splitting in the wood.

4: Manage Humidity

One of the best ways to care for wood furniture is to manage the humidity level in your home. In general, humidity levels should be between 40-45% if you want to prevent cracking and swelling in your wood table.

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