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How to Mix It Up with Upholstery In Interiors

The recent popularity of mixing and matching upholstery is now gaining attention. When done boldly this trend can add visual interest to an individual piece of furniture or you can mix and match upholsteries throughout the room for a more subtle change of texture.

Basics of Mixing Upholstery

You don’t have to have everything matching anymore. It can be a lot more fun to mix things up and it adds interest. The mixed upholstery trend is really gaining momentum due to the popularity in the design trend. The upholstered piece itself can even stand out on its own as eclectic.

How to Mix Upholstery

Once you decide to have mixed up trend you’ll need to figure out how much you want to mix it up. You can go bold or subtle or somewhere in between. While you may be able to find some furniture sets that mix upholstery but if you decide to create your own combinations there are some points you’ll need to consider:

1) Consider Color

Is it contrasting, complementary or matching, you want? Before you start try choosing a custom color palette and use it throughout the room.

2) Material Matters

If you like different textures look mixed together then try pairing a smooth leather with a rough velvet. Or if you want something more subtle, you can try pairing similar fabrics of different colors.

3) Solids Vs. Patterns

If you want to go bold try mixing two different but complementary patterns. Or if you want a conservative way then you can try pairing a solid with a bold pattern.

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