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How to extend the life of Upholstered Furniture!

Pretty fabrics on sofas and chairs can make your home a beautiful space. When you invest in furniture, you will want to extend the life of the fabric. Here are some easy tips to enjoy your furniture for years.

1) Make choices wisely

When you purchase upholstered furniture think about who and how will it be used. If you have young children and dogs, choose your material carefully. Leather and durable synthetics are a good option. Look for high thread counts and of course avoid lighter colors.

2) Set up a Proper Furniture Placement

Place your new furniture away from the sun to prevent fading. Some fabrics like silk are delicate and sensitive to sunlight and pollutants. Always allow air in your room so the fabric does not have a chance to absorb odors.

3) Maintain Furniture Regularly

Make sure your loose cushions are always evenly looking by turning them after some time and fluffing them so they keep in shape. Vacuum upholstered furniture every week to remove dust and prevent it from getting embedded in the fabric. A soft bristle brush can also be used to keep upholstered furniture clean.

4) Follow Cleaning Methods

When you use anything to clean the spot make sure to check a little area beforehand. You should also know that some cleaning solutions are water based while others are solvents. Look at the tags on your furniture and follow the directions to use the correct solution. You can also protect your furniture by using a professional cleaning service.

5) Choosing Upholstered Furniture

Home Living Furniture offers a huge selection of high quality upholstered furniture collections for the living room, dining room and bedroom. Find out proper pricing, quality of fabric and wood and cleaning methods.

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