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How to Choose Wallpapers for Your Living Room

Wallpapers are one of the most easy ways to decorate your living room. You can cover up any boring wall with vibrant colours and patterns that make every corner of your room pop with personality. It’s an easy, economic and effective way to add a personal touch to your walls.

Types of Wallpapers

1) Texture Wallpapers

Give your hall a layered look with textured wallpapers. Fill the space with a sense of depth and dimension by choosing patterns that mimic the industrial design. Stone, charcoal, silver are some of the materials widely known for for their unique textures.

2) Metallic Wallpapers

Lend your living room a professional palette with futuristic designs for wall decorations. Known for its glossy finish, gold, copper and bronze wallpapers can enhance natural and artificial light beaming through your living space.

3) Geometric Wallpapers

Merge intricate patterns with interesting colours to captivate people in your living space. Geometric designs can instantly inject an air of symmetry to your home. With a bespoke selection of shapes you can be as bold or as subtle as you like with your style.

4) Floral Wallpapers

Inspired by nature capture the untamed beauty of the land in your living room. From rose to lotus choose from an exotic range of floral wallpapers to make happiness blossom at home. It’s an essential element of living a sustainable lifestyle.

5) Bird and Animal Wallpapers

Unleash your wild side with animal and bird prints pasted across your living room. Tigers, leopards, kingfishers and flamingos are just a few creatures you can coat your walls with. Party animals are going to be lining up to enter your lounge after this wall treatment.

6) Majestic Wallpapers

Drape the walls with royal designs. We are not living in the time of luxury unless you have a lavish living room. Majestic wallpapers are perfect presets for a regal affair at your residence.

It only takes a few minutes to do up an entire wall with these wallpapers. And if you don’t like what you see, you can always rip it off and replace it with another's.

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