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Color is the most important thing for any space that affects your mood too.

We have a small guideline for you as to which colours affect your mood and how?

Black represents the power and authority. It you want a bold statement or dramatic effect, opt for black furniture.

Grey is a neutral color, that provides a calm feeling. Grey is perfect for a sleek and modern home office and conveys a feeling of openness.

Pink is more towards femininity and mostly found in little girls’ bedrooms. Brighter, bolder shades of pink can make a room feel modern and friendly.

Red is dramatic color. According top a philosophy Red colour inspires appetite which is why they are often used in restaurant. Red is often a great choice for accessories and small statement pieces as-well.

Orange gives us energy and playfulness. This color is friendly. Paint just one wall orange, rather than the whole room. Use it as a highlighter.

Yellow is bright, happy colour. Yellow makes people think of sunlight, warmth and positivity. A pop of yellow can make a room feel joyous and fun.

Green is the color of nature, relaxing and refreshing. In many cultures, green is also associated with wealth and growth and can lead to a positive outlook.

Blue rfelects harmony and trustworthiness. This colour is often used in corporate offices and day spas, as this shade creates a mood that is peaceful and calming.

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