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What is Negative Space?

A negative space is a blank space left intentionally on a wall or in a room. In your house, negative spaces are the blank spots on a wall, empty spots on furniture or areas where you’ve chosen not to decorate.

By intentionally leaving open area, we can show off your more interesting pieces as there is nothing else around to compete with them. Also you can create balance so that when you or your visitors enter a space it can help create a sense of calm.

Is Negative Space Important?

Yes, a negative space in home is beneficial as its importance is function. A room filled completely can become cluttered and can make it difficult for you to freely move or work in a space.

Also, a room with well-balanced negative space is more visually pleasing. When a person enters a room, they will automatically see the room as a whole before they see any individual design element.

Last, the right balance of negative space allows you to show off the beauty and intrigue of each element.

How Can You Create Negative Space in Your Home?

You can craft a room to have a specific function and aesthetic without distracting elements. Easy ways to incorporate this:

  • Keeping the room clutter free

  • Making clear pathways

  • Removing anything that is not of use

  • Letting functional elements, such as furniture, be the cornerstone of your design

Adding negative space to your home is an easy way to increase the serenity of your rooms as well as the elegance. Intentional design is one of the best ways to show off your unique design aesthetic as well as the character of your pieces.

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