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How to get the luxury look in your home by pairing some glam pieces with an understated style? Here is a small guide to glam your space.

1) Magic of the Mirror

Mirrored furniture can add both glam and give more open space in any room. It can be anytime like actual mirrors placed smartly can open up the room or mirrored furniture. Small mirror pieces like end tables creates glam rooms as they can make the pieces around them seem sleeker.

2) Great Fabrics

Create glamour in your space as much as possible with soft and luxurious fabrics. If we talk about color, rich reds can help you create a deep sense of luxury and royalty. Fabrics like silks or velvet can help you utilize those colors in a way that looks and feels amazing. Faux fur is especially useful for bringing in a cozy vibe to a space without losing any sense of glamour.

3) Colors to the Metal

Like mirrored pieces the use of metal also can help you get the sleek design of your space. Silvers and golds are especially common for glamorous rooms but recently the use of warmer metals like copper or rose gold are in too. You can mix several colors of metal in one space as they can really accent each other in a classic way.

4) Luxe Lighting

If it is a luxury room chandelier has to be there for the glam touch. You’ll definitely want to incorporate a chandelier no matter what type of glam you’re focusing on. If you can go for a beautiful chandelier piece. It is not important to be huge or overwhelming but a elegant one will glam your space. If you’d like to put for something smaller a lovely table lamp or floor lamp will still create the same effect on your lighting.

5) The Flower can do the Magic

Beautiful flowers both natural and faux can really set the tone of a glam room. Focus on beautiful patterns along with simple arrangements. White flowers like roses and lilies make great additions in a room.

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