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Furniture Placement Guidelines

1) Between the sofa and side chairs, basic distance of minimum 48" and maximum 100" should be maintained. But you can adjust the space according to you. If you feel more comfortable with the chairs closer for better conversations, then move them closer or if you want to maintain distancing between 2 people you can keep them distanced.

2) If you have placed a coffee table in front of the sofa, the minimum placement is 14" to 18" maximum from the sofa. But again, if you have short or long arms and legs, adjust the table until with your comfort.

3) For television watching, the simple and most interesting guide is to place the television at three times the size of the screen. But now a days with new big-screen TVs, three times the size of the screen is impossible so you can adjust that according to the space in the room and its look and feel.

4) In the dining room, an average depth of 20" for a dining chair is required, plus 16" at the back to move the chair backwards. You can also adjust the measurements according to your comfort.

5) For ideal bed placement, allow a minimum of 24" between the bed and the wall to get out of bed comfortably and allow 36" between the end of the bed and the bedroom or bathroom door.

These guidelines are approximate and should be adjusted according to you and your family comfort. The only trick is to make your space more free, comfortable and good looking.

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