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For those who are bored with normal shades of white and beige, the new trend toward grey has gone up. These days grey is available in the shimmer of silver sequins, the dark smoke shade and the cool fog color.

Types of Grey

There are two tones of grey available: cool and warm. Cool greys have blue tones. These pair well with pure white and some natural stone. Warm greys have yellow or brown tones and go well with natural woods, gold or brass and brick colors. It is important to be aware of the tones of any furniture pieces, accessories, lighting or wall colors that are chosen as mixing the types of grey tones can clash.

Choosing Paint

Painting the walls of a room in a light shade of grey can open the space up in much the same way using a white or other light can. A darker color can be used to create a dramatic effect. Many people want the intensity of a dark color on the walls but are afraid an entire room painted in such a way would feel oppressive. A great alternative for that situation is to use the darker color on an accent wall.

If you plan on painting the ceilings of a small room grey, choose a paint that is two to three shades lighter than the walls of the room to make the area feel more spacious. If the room feels too open and the desired effect is to create a cozier atmosphere choose a color of grey that is several shades darker than the color on the walls.

Grey in the Bedroom

Grey is a great choice for bedroom furniture. Bedroom including the headboard and footboard, dresser and nightstands can all be found in a variety of styles and shades. Also wood furniture can be in stained in natural wood tones and grey can be brought into any bedroom with bedding, drapes and rugs.

Layering the shades of grey throughout the bedroom along with the textures can create a tranquil oasis which makes an impressionable background to add a bold splash of colour such as purple, cerulean or red as an accent.

Grey in the Living Room

Sofas and chairs are available in more colors, including a wide variety of greys. Traditionally upholstered pieces can be used in the place of any of the neutrals such as brown, black, white or beige. Grey is one of the only colors that is available in both warm and cool undertones which allows it to be introduced into almost any decor.

Grey in the Kitchen and Dining Room

One way to make a big impact with the color grey in the kitchen is to refinish existing cabinets. Doing so tends to make the space feel more modern and streamlined.

In the dining room painted wood in grey tones is becoming increasingly available. However, the color is most frequently found in metal components of the dining room table and chairs. It is also possible to bring the color in with table runners, linens and decorative pieces in order to compliment more traditional furniture selections.

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