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As spring approaches, the fresh air inspires us to make changes in our home, whether it’s throwing away unneeded goods or emptying spaces for a full wipe-down. If you’re wanting to add something new but don’t want to exceed the budget, consider the following décor tips for freshening up your home space without a lot of effort.

1. Start Decluttering

When you start with a scratch, it’s a lot easier to make design choices. But a home has to be lived in, so it’s not always easy to get rid of everything and start over. All you can do is simply start decluttering. Extra papers, baskets full of magazines and even some much-loved pieces of furniture can clutter up a space. As you survey the room you’re refreshing decide whether you need everything in there. Some pieces can be moved into a different space which can change up that room’s look and feel.

2. Have a New Focal Point

If you have always had your furniture set up in the same way, change it up. Large pieces of furniture such as couches, consoles and coffee tables often serve as focal points in a home space. When you rearrange you can completely change the feel of a room. Like instead of having all of your seating facing a television or fireplace try creating conversation areas that promote mingling between guests or family members.

3. Buy Something New

All it takes to refresh a room is a new piece of furniture. You don’t even have to go big and get a new sectional or entertainment centre. Something as simple as a side table or reading lamp can update a space enough that it feels brand new. If you have the budget a comfy armchair can be the ideal seating option that you’ve been looking for. Also a simple colour change can freshen up the entire design of a room.

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