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Easy steps to update your living room and give a brand new look!

In your home the living room is the most important place of your home. We all try to put the latest décor styles in our living room but everytime we finish decorating our home the new décor trends changes every month. We start getting bored of our home decor after certain time and would like to change it.

1) Change the wall colour for a fresh look

The most convinient and easy way to change look of your living room is changing the colour of the walls. Use the newer colour combinations in trend. If you had your room painted in bold shades, opt for neutral tones and vice versa.

If you have the budget, you can even experiment with textured walls. Textured walls not only look great, but they also add character to your living room.

2) The magic of lighting

The lighting of your living room is also most importance and should be high on your to-do list when planning a revamp of your living room. We have a huge variety of lighting to choose from ambient, accent, decorative and task lighting. Featured Walls can be highlighted by installing accent lighting or add a warm glow to your living room by making suitable use of chandeliers.

3) Don’t Waste the Space

Make the most of the empty or dead space of your living room. You can make a small reading corner with a book shelf, or put a comfy couch, or may be a small work station in a corner. But try to blend this space with the rest of the living room and also avoid cluttering your living room.

4) Styling with coffee table is a good idea

Just change or modify your coffee table. Just one element will bring in your living room a complete new look. If you are changing your coffee table with a new one, then invest in something which is different from the one you already have.

5) Plants always create a new look

Bring nature inside your living room and let the greenery give your living room a new and fresh look. Plants adorn your home and act as indoor air purifiers, apart from adding an earthy touch to your living room. Create a mini garden by hanging plants and make them the centre of attraction.

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