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With so many options available for the storage pieces like the multi-tasking storage ottoman, tables etc there are endless possibilities available to increase the living space in your home.

Ideas for Storage Furniture There are numerous different types of storage furniture that allows you to deck out your entire home with space-saving storage units. From beds to ottomans and couches there are many unique and beautiful options available.

1) Storage Beds - One of the most popular idea is storage beds that are widely available in different styles. Built for both adults and children. These beds have spacious storage ideal for storing clothes, spare blankets etc. Depending on your room arrangement and storage needs, you can choose a storage bed that features characterises like drawers on the end, one side or both sides.

2) Storage Ottoman –On any side in a room a storage ottoman is used in the living room or bedroom. Many more areas can have additional storage like entryways, foyers and hallways. Many of us with a need for extra storage in their home find storage ottomans useful as the small furniture piece. They are lightweight frame and convenient choice that easily slides into any living space. They can also serve as extra seating in any room.

3) Storage Mirror - The storage mirrors provides a modest amount of hidden storage space to utilize for jewelry, make-up and other small things. Also a storage mirror hangs on the wall and it takes no space in your living room.

4) Storage Table - If you are short on space for cabinets or counter a storage table can add a few much needed drawers for utensils, napkins and more without taking up any additional floor space.

Coffee tables also feature the wide variety of storage options with some options utilizing drawers, utilizing shelving etc.

For larger pieces like beds and sofas that tend to draw the eye and take up the most space in a room it’s best to focus the interior design around these pieces of furniture. They can make beautiful focal points. On the other hand a coffee table or ottoman may easily be incorporated into existing design elements.

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