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Setting up a dining space in your home is often easier. We all want a dining set that will enhance your space and work for our family and guests. The options are plenty for dining room setup from small kitchen table sets to standard 5-piece dining sets, 7-piece dining sets, a dining set with bench and large farmhouse style dining tables. You’ll want a dining set that seats the right number of people, fits the footprint of your dining space and enriches your design style.

The Proper Table Setting

This is a guide to the literal setting of your table. Where is it going to go in your house? Who will be using it? What for? When will they need it during the day? All those important plot details that make up the story of your everyday life.

Casual family dining: For the growing or busy family, you need a space where you can dine together and go on the run. You need a table and chairs that are strong, durable and last over time with enthusiastic use. Find a dining set that would look at home in your dining room if you use it every day or in the kitchen if it is large enough for a dining space. If you are short on space consider an expandable dining table.

Formal dining: As long as formal dining rooms are still in fashion, there’s nothing quite as great as a long, dark hardwood table styled in a proper table setting, a bold centerpiece and delicate candles. Skip heavy window treatments and let the room breathe. Lighten things up with a neutral wall and window sheers.

Breakfast Table: Have the formal or family table, but want it for sipping coffee in mornings? Consider a breakfast table. A small table in the kitchen for breakfast gets your family together in the morning even if it’s just for few minutes.

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