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Here are a few design ideas for a youth bedroom that your son will love for both play and sleep.

All kids need a space where they can feel safe and express themselves. Designing a boy’s bedroom can be challenging as you want to create a space they’ll enjoy for years to come. While rooms decorated with their favorite animals, cartoon characters or sports teams can create a fun and personalized space but their tastes and opinions will eventually change.

What beds are the best?

Prefer multifunctional beds can take your boy from high chair to high school by transforming from a crib to a toddler or daybed and even to a full-sized bed!

If your child is already beyond the crib stage and looking for a new bed, you may want to consider purchasing a full-size bed earlier rather than later. By choosing a full-size bed you can make sure that your quickly growing boy will still have a comfortable place to sleep.

Mattress is most important to look into

The mattress is also very important for your boy’s bedroom. By investing in quality mattress now you can get more life out of it and save money in the long run. You can also be relaxed and relieved knowing that your child is sleeping on a mattress that’s both supportive and comfortable throughout these important developmental years.

Fun with furniture When shopping for boy’s bedroom furniture, it’s best to get sturdy and adaptable pieces that will last throughout their childhood and beyond! Bookcases are great bedroom pieces that work double duty to store and display your items. Whether they be favorite toys, trophies, books or photos, bookcases are a great way for any child to show off their personality and interests. Keeping the passions and interests of your little boy incorporated in the room is important.

Pick an area rug with a bright colored and fun pattern to add comfort and creativity to the room.

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