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Dark Room with No Natural Light? Here a some tips to lighten them up.

There are some rooms in a house that present more design challenges than others. The basements and smaller bedrooms can face problems with little or no natural light.

But brightening a room makes a space feel larger and more open. Rooms with large windows feel the most welcoming.

We’ve here some lighting solutions for those who wants to lighten a dark room with no natural light.

1. Use Artificial Lighting

Though this is obvious way to deal with a house with no natural light is to incorporate artificial lighting sources like lamps and overhead lighting. Overhead track lighting fixtures with the right bulbs allow for you to highlight certain areas of a room. You can also use stylish table lamps, floor lamps and other accent lighting to illuminate specific areas of the room and give the room a decorative look.

2. Using right Color Palettes

Another way to brighten a dark room decoratively is to choose the right color palette. For the darker rooms in your home, opting for a lighter color palette for the walls will allow for a brighter living experience. You’ll want to stay away from darker colors or richer tones as they will only accentuate the lack of natural light in the room. Choosing colors with slightly pale shades, as they will help bolster the natural light of the room. Pastels, ivory and cream are all helpful lighting solutions for dark rooms.

3. Have Reflective Surfaces

Use in darker rooms wall mirrors, glass and other reflective surfaces. A mirror is useful as well as helpful in lightening up a room. Place your mirrors in strategic places so that they’ll catch the most reflective light. Also having a floor or table lamp near a mirror will do the trick. A reflective gloss to the walls is another simple and smart way to add reflection to your room.

4. A Pop Up

Adding plants and other greenery is a smart move when decorating a house with no natural light. Not only do they give the room a more natural feel,but they can even make a dark room feel brighter. Choose plants with bright, colorful pots which can add a splash of color and brightness to the room.

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