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Updated: Jun 26, 2020

1) The seat cushions has 2. 2 density, high capacity foam, wrapped in layers of Dacron and offers resilience and long lasting comfort.

2) The Solid foam wrapped in polyester fibre and encased in a channeled fabric bag, provides ultimate comfort and prevents shifting of filling material.

3) The frames are fully wrapped in layer of Dacron fiber that ensures all touch points are padded and protected. It provides a layer of protection for the leather or fabric.

4) The Industrial strength webbing provides durable and reliable seating. Utilizing the best webbing material that achieves the very best seating comfort for each design.

5) The joints are glued, stapled and fixed with steel corner supports that provides a solid and stable foundation.

6) The frames are constructed with hardwoods and furniture grade plywood that provides stability and strength.

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