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Classical or traditional furniture are ageless and timeless designs, so it never goes out of fashion. As the name says, classic furniture means the history. Earlier the homes used to be big, so they could accommodate big furniture pieces. It was designed to draw attention.

About classical furniture we can say:

• Colours: The timeless furniture and home décor were in dark colours like dark brown, cherry, hazelnut, chocolate, charcoal and walnut. • Cleaning: Classical furniture is not so easy to clean. To protect the beauty of classic furniture, remove household dust, use polish, and avoid it from heating. • Long Lasting: the Classic furniture is strong and long lasting. It’s made from solid wood.


Modern furniture is the furniture that has been designed after the 19th century. Modern furniture tends to be more compact and fits in the small spaces. The furniture designers take into consideration a design theme, colours, form, and texture.

About Modern Furniture we can say:

• Colours: Modern furniture is available in colours like white, green, blue, grey, and yellow. A large selection of colours is used. • Cleaning: Use a cloth to take care of your furniture. Avoid using bleach or solvent-based cleaning solutions. • Long Lasting: Modern furniture may not be as long lasting as classic furniture, but this doesn’t mean that it can’t withstand the test of time.


Both modern and classical furniture are great depending upon your choice. If you are confused on what furniture to buy you can combine them both.

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