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Bring Inside the Outside!

A room that has natural elements and brings the outside in creates an ambiance with a calming effect. Timeless furniture, interior details, fabrics and sensory elements can all add to the mood. You can add the sound of wind, waterfalls and rain for an extra relaxing touch. Plants and images of the outdoors can bring a finishing touch.

1) Choose the Right Fabrics Upholstered furniture with natural fibers, textures and patterns can provide a refreshing outdoor feeling. Choose comfy sofas and chairs with soft cushions. Add floral fabrics and colors inspired by outdoor environment to get the effect.

2) Let the Sunshine come In Place sofas and chairs around windows to create a focal point. Move away heavy draperies and let the sunshine in for natural light and outdoor views. Trim away overgrown hedges and creating an appealing outdoor panorama with plants, trees and flowers for more effect.

3) Accessorise with Greens Rugs with leaf and floral patterns and rugs in natural fabrics blend well with an indoor/outdoor room. Natural flooring like wood, cork can also add the warmth of organic elements. The greenery from plants can add a refreshing indoor/outdoor feeling to a room. Baskets filled with seashells and tree branches have an organic appeal.

4) Indoor and Outdoor Living Furnish your patio to make the most of indoor/outdoor experience and expand your living space. Metal tables and chairs and accent pieces complement a room with an inviting indoor/outdoor feeling. Choose cushion fabrics, patterns and colors that balance the natural surroundings.

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