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Bored of your Home Decor? Freshen it up easily!

Every time we think of ways to spruce up our homes. Whether we want to add an important accent piece, switch accessories, add colors or change decor entirely with a whole new look, we can give your home a fresh new look by making the right choices. Here are some easy tips:

1) Keep your Decor minimal

When it comes to home decor less is definitely more. Organise your home by getting rid of clutter. Try replacing small decorative items with larger pieces. To create a minimal look choose furniture with contemporary design, clean lines and neutral colors.

2) Create a Focal Point

If you have an interesting element in your room make it a focal point by highlighting it in room. If you have a large picture window, you can bring the outside in and draw the attention outdoors by placing the sofa near it to enjoy the views.

3) Replace your Old Rugs

In today times beautiful tile and hardwood floors easily makes a statement by just replacing old rugs. If your room has a neutral color palette a rug is a good way to introduce a vibrant pop of color. The coastal shades of blues and greens are trending. Use a patterned area rug to bring excitement to a monochromatic room.

4) Add some Accent Furniture

Just a piece of accent furniture will add a high visual impact to your home. Spice up your living room with a freestanding bar or add a detailed decorative to the bedroom to hide a TV. Beautiful cabinets are a good way to express your good taste and add needed extra storage space.

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