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Artificial flowers and plants for indoors creates a new world. Inspired by nature we create the most beautiful possible arrangements with greens, plants and flowers in your interiors so you can bring outside inspirations into your surroundings.

Prints in fashion keep coming and going. Florals never go out of style and they’re a new trend this season. If you want to give your home a fresh upgrade without investing in a whole new set of furniture consider adding a flowery pop somewhere.

Floral prints and patterns can be big and bright and are the easiest way to incorporate many colours, textures and elegance into your room.

Here are a few ideas to bring the outdoors in with floral furniture, throw pillows, accessories, upholstery, wallpaper and more.

1) Flowery Throw Pillows

You need not have to restyle again your complete seating to get the trendy look of fresh florals. Just enhance your space with a few flowery throw pillows in eye-catching shades.

2) Flowery Accent Furniture

Whether it’s a vibrant floral ottoman or a popping chair, a single piece of floral furniture can transform your space. Go for floral motifs in colors that complement the rest of your furniture for a tied-together look. Nothing goes wrong with a statement chair for those who loves vibrant colours.

3) Floral Rugs

Bring the outdoors in with designer and beautiful floral rugs that makes your home feel like a garden. You can even choose a floral rug for outdoors to add flowery and fresh look to your porch or patio. Add a splash of colour to any room with your rugs. Rugs are the perfect way to lift a room and add decorative touch to the floors. Rugs add drama, colour and pattern too.

4) Floral Bedding

Floral bedding looks great with any bedroom design. Floral is always the best choice of print for creating a stylish and comfortable sleeping space. Add a sweet and summery look in the to your beds by choosing floral bedding set. Upholstery is one of the most amazing and quick ways to incorporate floral prints to your interiors.

5) Floral Wallpapers

A wallpaper adds character to a room. A feature wall with large flower print will surely add a refresh and comfortable sense to your room interiors. Wall space above a table or dresser is perfect for adding some floral wallpapers. Also simple flower print wallpaper in the bedroom can create a cozy bedroom experience.

6) Curtains & Blinds:

When you have a wall that is covered with windows or glass doors you can bring both design and function together by using blinds with flower print. Find the perfect floral print blinds for your windows that complement the calming aesthetic of the setting. Flower print blinds are perfect to add interest to a neutral setting.

7) Tiles & Finishes:

Flower print on tile can infuse colourful floral prints into your kitchen. A unique and interesting way is also to add distinct and bold floral patterns in cookware, that creates a striking look. 

8) Lights:

It’s a good idea to use flower print upholstery to your table or floor lamps and a wonderful dramatic floral design to your lamps can bring you a really unique design for your homes.

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