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softer, fitter, and more relaxed


more and less, much simple, make best


line with mind and soul

Karma chair is much more than nice shapes and lines. Function and movement as well as new materials always happen together in Karma. Although every model is unique they have one thing in common. Comfort and shape are equally important.

We specialize in manufacturing Karma chairs. Grinding, upholstering and assembling are always processed by human hands, which examine that each detail reaches the right level of quality. Here people take responsibility, never machines.


Nickelling gun colored metal base, brushed stainless manual switch, injected foam. All are the basis of quality guarantee, on which we add more sense of design and value.


Brief look makes it a first choice for young people. Seat and arm is an integrated design, with trim wood covered.


Backrest can be adjusted with manual switch, open between 110°to 150°to best suit human body. 3 level adjustments on headrest and matching stool make the item an overall comfort base.

110° 150° BACKREST the Backrest is adjustable up to 40 degrees. So that the working angle between the set and back goes from 110 degrees to 150 degrees.

Move AS u Move

Elegant curve, Beautiful line.

360° 360-DeGREE MOTION

360 Degree Swivel on Karma Chair and ottoman, recovered with a sliding bearing system which offers flexibility, stability and safety.1000 tests to make sure the under frame is safe and secure. Maximum load 200kg+.


the Headrest can be lifted by up to 5 cm and 3 levels, 4 directional adjustment technology can support you the best position.

50000 + LEVER

the manual control system has passed 50.000+ Recliner testing Achieved and can be fixed at any angle safely. the car paddle shift shape lever offers good looking and good hand feeling as well.


Architectural iron Working that Creates Balance in the Base, stability and safety.


the lean design matching ottoman respect the ergonomics makes you more comfortable.


Cozy design can match different home environment.

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