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6 Clever Furniture for your Small Spaces

We all are aware that now a days multipurpose furniture is maximum used at out homes. Keeping in mind the space-saving solutions, we are providing some best multipurpose furniture pieces that you can buy.

They're affordable, ingenious and will adapt to you and your home. Whether you have occasional visitors or growing families, check out these multipurpose furniture. 

1. Sofa cum Bed

We're sure you're all familiar with this basic piece of multipurpose furniture. Sofa beds come in all shapes and sizes, with different mechanisms and capacities. They transforms into a double bed by pulling. Utilise this hardworking piece as a sofa for reading and watching TV. At night, simply fold down its back to sleep an adult comfortably.

2. A space-saving table 

A space saving table is the perfect solution for small spaces. When not in use the extra can fold up and can go inside the table.

What's more, the table folds down effortlessly, making it the perfect sideboard. 

3. Mirror and more Mirror

It can also have a hidden storage, that won't be visible to anyone and also with absolutely zero damage done to the walls.

4. Nest of tables

Nest of tables are highly helpful to save space, as they serve purpose of more than one table. They can also be stacked together when not in use to keep them compact. You can pull them out and overlap for a modern looking coffee table or use two as bedside tables for an asymmetrical look.

5. Corner Shelves

The corner shelf lets you get clever. You can also make a Stair-shaped shelves that can perform as a nightstand in tiny bedrooms or utilize wall space in an otherwise-empty corner. Let each step of this corner shelf have a coaster, plant, charging station or your favourite collections.

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