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5 Tips for how to play with Interiors and Furniture in Dark Walls?

1) Dark Brown Walls

Brown walls complement most furniture styles and finishes. To create standout room arrangements, choose a mix of furnishings and accessories that are lighter or darker in color than the walls. Place light-hued upholstered furniture against dark walls to give the room a sense of lightness.

2) Play with Whites

White is always the right choice when mixing with dark-painted walls. Paint ceilings and woodwork bright white for a crisp finish. Use flat finishes on ceiling and glossy finishes on woodwork to create shifts in sheen that boost overall interest.

3) Pair light and Dark

Black walls outfitted with white tile wainscoting and fixtures creates a perfect look. Like in washrooms accessorize black-wall with light-reflective fittings and clear glass shelves. You can add warmth by displaying mirrors and artwork in medium-brown wood frames.

4) Give breaks in wall color

Prevent dark wall colors from appearing intense by giving a break and rest to eyes. Anchor dark walls with white wainscoting. Dark walls can feel formal so you can add playful furnishings to break the formal look and feel. You can also put frames or paintings on the walls that has lighter tones.

5) Add Lights

No matter how dark is the color of room, addition of some extra lights can make the room sparkle. Use crystal chandeliers, mirrored furnishings and silvered accessories so that the reflective accessories can amplify natural light.

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